Where's my rebate?

Three ways to check your rebate application status

  1. Check online: Visit SpireRebates.com and select "Track" in the top menu, to the right of the Spire logo. From there, you can choose to track with the tracking number you received when you submitted your online rebate application, or you can select "Search without a tracking number."  

    Image of Spire Rebate Center website.

    Note: While the menu on the above image is from our Alabama rebates site, this same process applies for Mississippi and Missouri.

  2. Check by clicking the "Tracker" link located at the bottom of your confirmation email. You'll be taken to the same screen you see above, and can track with or without your tracking number.
  3. Give our rebate processor a call. Customers in Alabama can call 800-292-4008. Customers in Missouri can call 833-841-4639. And customers in Mississippi can call 888-237-0305. Please have any information about the rebate application you submitted handy to better assist you.