Stop Service

I don’t need natural gas, and I’d like to stop my service.

We’re sad to see you go.

Here’s how:

There are two ways for you to stop your natural gas service. You can:

  1. Give us a call 

  2. Or, login through My Account

You’ll need to confirm:

  • Your current account details, including service address
  • The date you’d like us to stop your service
  • The address where you’d like us to send your final bill

Helpful tips

  • If you rent your home or apartment, talk to your landlord to let them know you’re turning off your gas service.
  • In some cases, we’ll need to physically turn off the gas at your home. If your meter is inside, an adult 18 or over will need to be home.
  • At most times, we can schedule your appointment for the next business day.
  • October and November are a busy season for us; service appointments may be limited. Please allow extra time during these months.
  • Service appointments are not available on holidays.

If you’d like to stop your service online, login to My Account and select the address where you’d like to end your service.

Call us

You can stop your service online over the phone, too. Just give us a call so we can help.