More in STORE - April 2023 edition
Read more about how Spire Storage is meeting energy demands through a diverse mix of resources, and view our feature in the Western Energy Institute’s monthly magazine

Meeting energy demands and climate goals through a diverse mix of resources

At the recent annual State of the Energy Industry Forum sponsored by the U.S. Energy Association, the President and CEO of Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) discussed how meeting our country’s energy demands requires a diverse set of fuel types and resources. INGAA’s leader said this includes a robust natural gas infrastructure to ensure reliability due to the intermittent nature of renewable sources. It was noted that natural gas and renewables are complementary energy sources that can provide lower emissions, lower costs and greater reliability.

Adding onto these points – natural gas storage is also a critical part of the energy delivery infrastructure. At Spire Storage, we provide services that help to maintain reliability of supply and flexibility to meet the hourly, daily and seasonal balancing needs of pipelines, electric and gas utilities and other end-use customers. 

Gas storage also balances the intermittent supply of renewable energy sources for electricity generation when the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shining, and we help utilities maintain reliable service during extreme weather events that can cause disruptions for customers. At Spire Storage, we’re well-positioned to supplement your renewable energy goals and offer grid reliability and resilience.

How and why to incorporate gas storage into your evolving energy needs

As a member of the Western Energy Institute, Spire Storage was featured in the association’s monthly magazine. The article shares how underground natural gas storage functions like a “shock absorber” for the natural gas system and offers added reliability, flexibility and affordability for utilities and customers in the Western U.S. Read more here.

Spire Storage gives back in Evanston

Spire Storage recently provided funding to support the BEAR Project Inc., which provides green space and opportunities for the community to participate in activities including picnicking, hiking, bicycling and nature appreciation along the Bear River Greenway in Evanston, Wyoming.