More in STORE - February 2023 edition
Read more about how pipeline acquisitions should be seamless for our customers and listen to Scott Smith share an update on the Spire Storage facility expansion

Pipeline acquisitions should be seamless for our customers

Our Spire Storage facility in Wyoming serves major markets throughout the Western U.S with its important and diverse pipeline connections to Kern River Gas Transmission, Ruby Pipeline, MountainWest Pipeline, MountainWest Overthrust Pipeline and Northwest Pipeline. 
You may have read that Williams recently announced its agreement to acquire the Mountain West Pipeline network and Clay Basin Storage, and this month, Tallgrass completed its acquisition of the Ruby Pipeline. For Spire Storage customers, we don’t anticipate any changes in services, support or capacity due to these planned or completed acquisitions of three of our five pipeline connections. These transactions should be seamless for you. Spire Storage has positive, existing relationships with both companies, and each has a strong track record of customer service. 

Natural gas storage plays key role in a sustainable energy future

President Scott Smith shares an update on the Spire Storage facility expansion, which is helping address growing and shifting energy demands in the Western U.S. Listen to this Spire podcast (#7) to hear how natural gas storage also provides utilities with added reliability and flexibility amid a rise in renewable energy sources.