More in STORE - December 2022 edition
Read more about natural gas storage in winter weather and updates on the Spire Storage expansion and annual community giving

Natural gas storage critical in winter – and year-round

While colder temperatures are here, future weather conditions and temperatures in the Western U.S. remain hard to predict. Natural gas storage not only plays a critical role in supplying seasonal gas needs, it also provides flexibility in the market to respond to calls from the power segment when additional supply is needed to mitigate potential intermittency issues arising from continued renewable growth and coal retirements.

Spire Storage facilities continue to perform exceptionally well for our customers during extreme weather events and by absorbing the intermittency of power generation, serving as a valuable component of energy infrastructure in the Western U.S.

Our facility can serve major markets throughout the Western U.S., including Southern and Northern California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, the Pacific Northwest and the Desert Southwest through the facility’s pipeline connections to Kern River Gas Transmission, Ruby Pipeline, MountainWest Pipeline, MountainWest Overthrust Pipeline and Northwest Pipeline. 

Natural Gas Intelligence: Spire’s Wyoming natural gas storage expansion designed to smooth out renewable volatility

Spire Storage President Scott Smith provides an update on the first phase of our Spire Storage Wyoming natural gas storage expansion to Natural Gas Intelligence. Read more here.

Spire Storage gives back to the communities where we live and work

Spire Storage is a proud community partner. In 2022, Spire Storage donated a total of $25,000 to organizations that serve the southwest Wyoming communities near our Spire Storage facilities. The donations benefited civic and community development projects for the Evanston Volunteer Fire Department, Evanston Express Soccer Club, Kemmerer Rotary Club, Uinta County Museum Foundation, Uinta County Veterans Board and The B.E.A.R. Project, Inc.

100 percent strong

We’re proud to share that all Spire Storage employees participated in Spire’s annual United Way campaign. Because of generous gifts from them, other Spire employees and Spire’s matching contribution, more than $1.2 million was raised for the United Way chapters that serve our communities in Alabama, Missouri, Mississippi, Texas and Wyoming – beating the FY22 company goal. Read more about our ongoing community support.