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Innovation at Spire
We're innovating to better serve

Redefining what it means to serve starts with our people 

We're people who serve people. And our approach to innovation starts with the people of Spire. From our field workers discovering ways to work faster and more efficiently to our Research and Development team exploring new and cost-effective ways to sustainably fuel homes, every employee is encouraged to share ideas and create solutions that enrich lives and lead to a sustainable energy future.

Investing in tomorrow

Innovation is part of how we work every day. In addition to hiring a recognized leader to head up our innovation team, we’ve invested in an innovation center to better enable collaboration and test new ideas.

And, because we live and work in our communities, innovation at Spire stays with Spire’s people who submit ideas through an online platform and have them vetted by a cross-functional internal council. 

Through this process, ideas are taken from concept to reality and used to better meet the needs of our customers. 


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Pushing the boundaries of what's possible

At Spire, diverse thoughts and cross-functional collaboration are essential to developing solutions.

Read their stories

Learn how Spire employees are working together to meet the energy needs of the future.

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In the home

The home of tomorrow

What would a house fueled entirely with natural gas look like?

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In the field

Safer scheduling

How one simple idea led to the creation of the most innovative public works tool in North America.


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