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Explore ways to save energy and money this winter
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STL Pipeline: Critical to more than 650,000 homes and businesses

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From enrolling in programs like paperless billing to starting new service, we have many self-service options that make life easier for you.

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I need help with my bill

If you have a medical condition, live on a fixed or limited income or have another situation where paying your bill is difficult, one of our dedicated community support specialists would love to help.

Start or stop service
Making a change?
Start, stop or move your service

We pride ourselves on always being there for you when you need us. So if you're making a move and taking Spire with you, let us know. 

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Save energy & money
Rebates and offers
Save money with natural gas

If you're looking to upgrade, replace or install a new natural gas appliance in your home, Spire's rebates and financing offers can help make the process easier. 

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For those in need
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Woman in kitchen
We’re here to help

Let’s work together to keep your gas service from being interrupted.

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Father and daughter sitting on floor
Share the warmth

When you enroll in DollarHelp, you give so much more than $1. You share the gift of warmth.

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CSR Report

Measuring impact

At Spire, we believe the greatest energy in the world comes from one source—people. So we created a strategy to use that energy for good and have a positive, measurable impact on the world around us. See how we did in our third Corporate Social Responsibility report.

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Our story

Stepping forward

Energy keeps our world turning, moving us forward. At Spire, we'll keep stepping forward, advancing and innovating for a better tomorrow.