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Natural gas producers

Our relationships with producers play a crucial role in supplying the energy that fuels businesses, schools, cities and homes.

So we challenge ourselves daily to offer you competitive pricing and reliable service. 

Here’s a look at what Spire Marketing can provide producers:
Hedging and risk management services
  • Caps
  • Collars 
  • Fixed price
  • Basis 
  • Index
Transportation management and asset management agreements

Spire Marketing will work with you to manage your transportation contracts and asset management agreements to ensure you're getting the best price possible for your energy needs.

Consulting services

Spire Marketing's consulting services include:

  • Contract review and recommendations
  • Take in kind review
  • Market intelligence
  • Pipeline contract reviews and analysis
  • RFP service
  • Scheduling service on midstream – intrastate and interstate
  • Commercial optimization
  • Strategic planning
Accounting services

Spire Marketing has the ability to be the very first purchaser to touch the natural gas molecule. And, we can provide your state tax reports. 


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